LOCAL employer Castrol is getting involved in Road Safety Week 2012.

The company, which has a base in Pipers Way, is joining thousands of other organisations, schools and community groups promoting life-saving awareness during Road Safety Week.

They are providing all employees and contractors, along with their and their family members, with the opportunity to have a free car maintenance check-up during the week.

Alongside this, employees are being provided with training on how to conduct these life-saving checks on a regular basis to ensure that their vehicle is safe to drive, with lights and indicators working properly, oil and water at the correct level, and tyres in a safe condition with the correct pressure and tread.

All of Castrol’s drivers are also being encouraged to make Brake’s Pledge, a six point commitment to safe driving behaviour which will help to protect people on foot and bicycle in Swindon and across the UK.

Road Safety Week this year sees the launch of a major campaign calling for safer streets and communities for children and adults on foot and bike.

Brake is appealing to drivers to ‘GO 20’ in built up areas, to help protect pedestrians and cyclists, and to enable people of all ages to get out and about for their health, enjoyment and to get to work or school.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive at Brake, said: “We’re delighted Castrol is flying the flag for road safety by getting involved in Road Safety Week.

"Road Safety Week this year is about us working together as communities to make streets safer for kids and adults to get out and about.

"Everyone should be able to walk and cycle in their neighbourhood without fear or threat. It’s a basic right, and important to people being able to live active, happy lifestyles.

"The GO 20 campaign is about defending that. Anyone who drives can make a difference by slowing down to 20 or below in villages and towns, you’ll hardly notice the difference to your journey, but you’ll be helping to protect people on foot and bike, and making our communities safer, happier places for everyone.”

Mandhir Singh, regional vice president at Castrol, said: “We are proud to be taking part in Road Safety Week and working with Brake to promote life-saving awareness.

"We think it’s so important we can all use roads safely, and particularly that families can walk and cycle in their communities, which is good for health and wellbeing.

"We’re behind Brake’s appeal for drivers to help bring this about by slowing down and taking great care to look out for people on foot and bicycle – especially at this time of year as the evenings get darker.”