FED up residents are calling for action to deal with a blocked drain which floods an alleyway in Rodbourne every time it rains hard.

Residents in Bruce Street say the alleyway, which runs from the Great Western Way to Morrison Street, had suffered from the problem for years, but authorities have taken no action, despite repeated complaints. The drain is blocked with mud and leaves, which caused it to flood during the recent heavy rain.

Steve Perry, 58, said the alleyway is a key pedestrian route for many pupils to Even Swindon School and when it floods they either have to get their feet wet or walk along Bruce Street, which he says is dangerous because the traffic is fast.

The grandfather-of-two, of Bruce Street, said: “My main concern is if the children cannot go there, they have to go into actual Bruce Street itself and walk along the pavement down to the school.

“If kids are playing around, I’m concerned they may run into the road and have an accident. Bruce Street can be a busy road. When all the cars are parked up, if there’s a gap, people put their foot down so they can get to the other end.”

He said several people had reported the problem to Swindon Council and Thames Water but they had either been told it was not their responsibility or they had not got time to clear the drain.

“I think it’s disgusting to be honest. All right, it isn’t a main road but it’s causing a lot of problems down there,” he said.

Stan Webb, 87, who has lived in Rodbourne for 77 years, said the flooding made it difficult for him to get to his garage, which is accessed via the alleyway.

The former railwayman said: “I have got a job to get to my garage some mornings. I don’t expect them to come and clean it when houses are being flooded or roads are being flooded.

“I have rung them up at different times and they have said they have been too busy over the years and I just got fed up and don’t bother any more.”

Thames Water said councils are responsible for surface water drainage in highways.

Coun Steve Wakefield (Lab, Mannington and Western) inspected the site on Friday and took photographs. He said: “I can fully sympathise with them and if that’s the response from the council then obviously we are going to have to have words with the council.

“Coun Kevin Small has been a councillor for 20 years in Rodbourne, and myself and Jim Robbins who have been elected to the area are happy to work with Kevin Small to get this matter resolved.”

A Swindon Council spokesman said: “We will investigate the problem and arrange for an inspection to take place as soon as possible.”