WILTSHIRE Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people that if their smoke alarm is making a beeping or chirping noise it is likely to be a low battery warning.

It is recommended that you do not tamper with or remove the alarm until you have a replacement smoke alarm.

A spokesman said: “We do appreciate that having this noise in the background can be frustrating. It is designed to be this way in order that the alarm is changed over as soon as possible. Please be assured that smoke alarms are designed to operate as normal for some time with the low battery warning sounding.

“If you cannot replace the smoke alarm yourself or require further information please contact us using the online services request form found on our website.

“In some instances we may be able to visit your home to install new smoke alarms and carry out a home fire risk assessment free of charge. If you do not qualify for this service we will send an information pack containing valuable advice on keeping you and your family safe from fire in the home as well as advice on smoke detectors.”

For more information visit www.wiltsfire.gov.uk.