A CHRISTMAS wish has been granted for super mum Karen Sarahs after a difficult 12 months for her and her family.

Karen, 54, of Rodbourne, lost her father just over a year ago. Then her husband and youngest son were involved in a car accident while her mum has been seriously ill with bladder cancer.

Just 24 hours after her mum fell ill and was taken to hospital, Karen’s husband collapsed and had to undergo a back operation.

Karen now cares for her mum 24 hours a day after she had to have her kidney removed in the summer.

To show her appreciation for everything her mum does and to help around the house, Karen’s daughter Kirsty, 26, nominated her for a Christmas Wish.

She said: “Mum has been fantastic at supporting so many people in the last 12 months it’s unreal. She always puts others first. Mum had always wanted to replace the carpet in our hallway, landing and stairs as when my dog was young she chewed round the edges and had a few accidents like they do. “Unfortunately each time my mum saves the money to do this something else crops up. She is now saving to have more work done to the house to make it more suitable for my grandma.”

Last week, her wish to have new carpets in her hallway and up the stairs was granted thanks to Carpets 4 Less.

Karen said she was overwhelmed with the surprise.

“I didn’t know anything about it until I arrived home from work and it was all done,” she said.

“It is a great improvement after the dog had decided to tear it all up.

“I knew nothing about it at all so it was a big surprise. “We had wanted to get it done for some time, and we kept putting money aside but other things have always cropped up and the money has had to go on something else and we have never got round to doing it.

“It has been a rough year and a half since losing my dad, so this was a nice surprise – the carpet has been a running joke for a long time.

“We are going to spend Christmas at home, we are going to the pantomime on Christmas Eve and out for dinner on Boxing Day.”