POLICE are appealing for witnesses following a road rage incident at 7.30pm on December 10.

A driver coming from West Swindon was chased from Mead Way, down to Thamesdown Drive, past the Toby Carvery and on to Westfield Way. The victim was in a red Peugeot 106 and was being tailgated by a driver in a silver 4x4, possibly a Honda.

The offender was repeatedly flashing his lights and jumping lanes on Thamesdown Drive.

The Peugeot driver tried to shake off the pursuer by going round and round the roundabout at Elstree Way and Shepperton Way up to 20 times but the other driver kept following. They then went past the Manor Farm Public House where they became stuck in traffic and the driver of the 4x4 got out and kicked the red Peugeot repeatedly, making a dent in the door.

The suspect is white man, between 35 and 40, about 5ft 6in, with curly, light grey hair.

If you have any information, call police on 101 and quote 12190.