A CONVICTED drug dealer who is pursuing a career as a ‘gangsta’ rapper from behind bars has again spoken to fans via Facebook.

Mishak Guichard-Foster, who performs as Shax Bute, said on his profile page this week that he is 12 stone, has been working out and is “ready to give the world a big shock.”

A friend wrote that he may be given category D prisoner status –those reasonably trusted not to escape – in two months.

Guichard-Foster has written letters to fans which have been posted on the website since he was jailed and his songs have also appeared on YouTube, with one registering 100,000 views.

In one video he poses with a bottle of spirits and a spliff while rapping, “I never stop til my stack [cash] is large.”

Guichard-Foster, 23, was given a three-year prison sentence in July after admitting four counts of supplying class A drugs in Swindon.

In March last year he was going by the name of Ash and selling heroin on the streets of Swindon.

He handed out business cards with his name and mobile number on to allow drug users to call him and place their orders.

He would arrive on a push bike and cycle up to groups of junkies who had been told to meet him in parks and streets.

Once an undercover police officer counted more than 10 people queuing to buy heroin from him.

He appeared in an episode of BBC3 show Don’t Blame the Dog – where irresponsible owners spend time with people who depend on animals – in Melbourne, Australia.

Dubbed “bad boy Mishak”, the Londoner was on bail awaiting trial in April when the episode was screened.