A 35-year-old man attacked his vulnerable dad, knocking out two of his front teeth, in a ‘despicable’ drunken attack.

Jamie Hood and his girlfriend had been given a home by his parents when they fell on hard times after he lost his job.

But he thanked his father, who has suffered from polio and has a weak hip, by launching an unprovoked assault.

Colin Meeke, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court Hood and his girlfriend Helen Nield had moved in with his parents when they needed a roof over their heads.

On Saturday, December 15 Miss Nield said her boyfriend had been grumpy as she was going out to a Christmas party and he refused to join her.

Instead he went to local pub, even though he was barred, and when she got back from the party and went to collect him after he was thrown out by the landlady.

On the walk home he was abusive towards her, at one point pushing her over, and she realised he was drunk again.

When they got to the house in Hathaway Road, Kingsdown at about 10.30pm, his dad, who had been in bed asleep, came down to see what was happening.

“He is decidedly vulnerable. The defendant came at him, grabbed him by the shirt and grabbed his throat,” Mr Meeke said.

“His father did his best to take his son in a headlock and both of them went to the floor. The defendant reached round and put his hand in to his father’s mouth.

“He started wrenching at his teeth. Two were pulled out and others dislodged. Miss Nield came to his aid and did her best to kick the defendant off his father.”

As a result, his dad lost two of his upper front teeth and suffered bruising to his cheek.

Mr Meeke said the defendant’s mum Christina told the police “‘Jamie’s a lovely man when sober: when he is drunk he causes trouble’."

The court heard that while he had hit his father in the past they had never involved the police.

Hood, of Ermin Street, pleaded guilty to a charge of actual bodily harm.

Rob Ross, defending, said his client had with convictions for threatening behaviour, criminal damage and failing to provide a specimen of breath.

He said Hood had been drinking heavily for about 10 years which he had kept under control by being in work as a block paver.

Since the offence he said his client realised something had to change and cut down his drinking considerably.

Recorder Tim Mousley QC said: “You described your behaviour on this occasion as disgusting: it was worse than that, it was despicable.

“Your father is nearly 60. That, of course, is no great age, but he is someone who is not in the best of health. You know that he is a vulnerable person to that extent and he is someone who has done his best to help you and you repaid that by behaving in this despicable way towards him.

“It seems to me everyone living in Hathaway Road must dread the point you come through the door after drinking wondering is it going to be Jekyll or is it going to be Hyde.”

He imposed a eight-month jail term suspended for two years, put him under supervision for a year and told him to do 250 hours of unpaid work. He also ordered he pay £250 compensation to his dad and banned him from going to the family home for a year.