THERE is no more snow forecast for the rest of the week as Swindon gets back to normal after the wintry weather.

The Met office predicted that two to five centimetres would fall overnight but have said that it believes the weather will then be a lot more settled for the rest of the working week.

Swindon Commercial Services had gritters on standby last night to deal with any further flurries but services across the town appear to be back on their feet after a disrupted weekend.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “We are still going to see some wintery precipitation, with a yellow warning over Swindon.

“We are predicting two to five centimetres to fall overnight.

“By the time most people get up, the snow should have stopped and there will be heavy cloud cover with chance of a few light showers through the day It will then be much more settled for the rest of the working week and it will be very cold.”

With the freezing temperatures and the remaining snow turning to ice, the Great Western Hospital has seen an increase in weather-related admissions.

A spokeswoman for the hospital said: “With freezing temperatures, ice is the major concern now, and it is over the next few days that we expect to see an increase in weather-related slips and falls.

“We have seen an increase in fracture patients attending the emergency department.

“Fracture injuries include a mixture of fractures of the fingers, hands, wrist, shoulder and ankles.

“The bulk of injuries will tend to be from slipping on the ice on the pavements.

“We would encourage people to take extra care when they are getting around this week.”

Streetsmart have been out providing a catch-up service for any rubbish that was left uncollected from Friday, after it was too treacherous for them to carry on their collections.

Richard Fisher, the Streetsmart Service delivery manager, said: “We are providing a catch-up service for any rubbish collections, which were unfortunately missed last Friday due to the snow.

“Any blue bag collections which were missed were picked up yesterday.

“Various wheelie bin collections were also disrupted and we have scheduled in dates for throughout this week to empty them for affected households.

“If your recycling was missed, please take it in and put it out on your next due collection date.

“Many thanks for your co-operation and apologies for any inconvenience.”

To find out more about rubbish collections call 01793 445501.