A MOTHER is over the moon after a donor came forward to pay for her son’s life altering operation.

Two-year-old Kieran Lower was born with the condition tongue tie, which restricts the movement of his tongue, and he needs an operation so he can have a normal life.

After reading of Kieran’s plight in the Adver on Thursday, Domino’s Pizza said it would give his mother, Jalie Antal, the money she needed.

“I’m so happy,” said Jalie, 21, of Moredon.

“I just want to say thank you. I was so overwhelmed when I heard the news – I was in Asda and I just started crying.”

Jalie had been told that Kieran was not eligible to have the operation on the NHS as he was not underweight or suffering from a speech impediment.

The operation costs £1,200 to have privately. Through family and friends £500 had been raised but they were struggling to raise the rest.

After reading about the story, the pizza company said it would give Jalie the remaining £700.

“I have never heard of someone being so generous,” said the overjoyed mum.

“I was having real trouble getting the money together so this is such a relief. Kieran’s life will be so much better when he’s had the operation.”

“Just last night he was messing around with his sister, pulling faces. When he tried to stick his tongue out he hurt himself so I had to explain that he couldn’t do that.”

“Now he’ll be able to eat properly so his growth will improve.

“So far he has only be able to eat soft foods like a one-year-old.

“I can’t wait till the summer when he’ll be able to have his first ice lolly.”

“He’ll also now be able to kiss a girl when he’s older,” added Jalie.

The condition meant that Kieran could not eat properly and as he grew he would have had great difficulty speaking.

His mother was concerned that this would lead to him struggling to make friends and fitting in with other children.

The operation will end all the worry and Kieran will now be able to lead a normal life.

With the funds in place it is hoped the it will be able to take place early in March.

Domino’s declined to comment.