A WOMAN who made a plea in the Adver to find the Good Samaritan who came to her aid after she fell down a flight of stairs has been reunited with her rescuer.

Sharon Davies, 47, of Freshbrook, was going shopping with her teenage daughter Mary last month when she fell down the stairs at the Brunel West Car Park, landing awkwardly on her arm. Her shaken daughter rang for help and two members of the public came to help.

Sharon, who suffered a serious break to her arm, contacted the Adver to help her track down the pair, who she knew nothing about, other than one of them was called Jacqui.

Just days later, Jacqui Bayford got in touch to say the mystery woman was her. Jacqui, 48, of Park North, said: “I had been concerned about how she was doing so it was great to see her and see that she is on the mend.

“I always avoid that car park because of the stairs, but because it was around Christmas time, everywhere was really busy so I had no choice.

“I remember telling my mum about what had happened and then she saw it in the Adver. I thought it was really sweet of Sharon to try and track me down.

“I knew it was a nasty break. She was wearing a big coat at the time but I could see from the way she was lying at the bottom of the steps that she must have really hurt it.

“It wasn’t until the paramedics cut her sleeve off that we could see the bone had come through her skin.

“At the time I was worried she was going to become unconscious so I was chatting to her to make sure that didn’t happen. I helped the ambulance men where I could then we took Sharon’s daughter up to the hospital. She was quite shaken up by it all.

“I’m sure anyone would have done it really, but she bought me the most beautiful bunch of flowers and card, which was lovely.”

Sharon, who underwent an operation at GWH after the fall, was delighted to meet Jacqui and thanked her again for coming to her rescue.