SECRET lairs, fast cars and explosives were all part of a James Bond themed science day which went off with a bang.

Children were left shaken and stirred yesterday as they enjoyed a day of experiments at the Mountford Manor Primary School science fair.

The school in Walcot teamed up with Moredon, Drove, Tregoze and Rodbourne Cheney schools, which form the Whitehorse school partnership.

Children from Year’s 1 to 6 came together in the main hall as they experienced a day of spectacular experiments and a Bond themed quiz.

Simone Marr, the science co-ordinator and teacher at Moredon School, said: “It is a fun day with every year group having a project to do in the build up as well.

“This is something different which allows them to incorporate science projects.

“The chance to bring all the schools together is fantastic and really good for creating a community feel to get the children from different schools interacting.”

Eight-year-old Tamzin Baker had helped to design a car for James Bond to rival the Lotus Espirit that could go under water or the classic Aston Martin DB5.

She said: “We decided to make a balloon car which blows up and enables it to work on water as well as land.

“It was really fun to make the car, we had to make sure the materials were waterproof and would work in water.

“It has been a good day because there have been lots of different things to do.”

Sam Perrin, nine, got creative with his homework, taking inspiration from a Harrier Jump Jet, after the children were asked to design a gadget for Bond.

He designed a pair of shoes that would lift Bond off the ground and included solar panels on the toe and used titanium to make them lightweight.

Sam said: “I came up with a shoe which has three thrusters in the sole to get Bond off the ground.

“I got the idea from a Harrier Jump Jet and it was a lot of fun drawing the pictures and putting it together.”

Chris Fox, a teacher at Drove Primary School, said he enjoyed getting involved with the messy experiments.

He said: “I love it. Last year we did the same thing at Drove School and the children this year said they wanted more experiments, which is what we have done.

“The children love the chance to get messy and it is a different way for them to learn in a fun environment.”