SNOWY the cat gave workers at Imperial Tyres a surprise when they turned up to work yesterday.

The little grey and white puss was discovered under a desk in the tyre fitting bay when employees arrived at work on the Elgin Industrial Estate.

It is believed she had spent the night locked inside.

Cynthia Thompson, from Imperial Tyres, took her under her wing and set about finding her owners.

She said: “The cat is very friendly – I put some food down for her but she wasn’t really interested, which made me think she hadn’t been missing from her home for a long time.

“She was locked in the tyre fitting bay all night with all the noisy machines but she is very friendly – she is more interested in cuddles than food.”

Cynthia took the cat, who didn’t have a collar, to the vets and found that her name is Snowy and she is eight months old.

Happily, with a little bit of detective work, her owners were found.

They live 90 minutes from Swindon and were coming to collect Snowy last night.

Cynthia said: “The only thing I can think of is that she must have got trapped in one of our vans and that’s how she arrived in Swindon.”