A FUNDRAISER in aid of cancer patient Natasha Macdivitt and her children will be held in Wroughton tomorrow night.

Natasha, 27, of Haydon End, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in July 2011, and was given the all-clear in September.

However, the mum-of-three has now been told the disease has appeared in her lungs and bones – giving her less than a year to live.

In a bid to ensure her three children, Joshua, 10, Hayleigh, eight, and four-year-old Katie, have fond memories of their mum, Natasha’s family and friends are fundraising.

They also hope to help pay for an alternative treatment, not available on the NHS, which could extend Natasha’s life.

Natasha’s aunt Jan has helped organise the event at her brother’s pub, The Carters Rest.

Jan said: “There will be music from Ode & The Bebops, a raffle, and a chance for people to join the band on stage, sing with them or play a musical instrument.

“We are trying to make as much money for Natasha as possible.

“The jabs she needs to take cost £80 a time so we want to raise as much as we can to help pay for them.

“The chemotherapy she is having at the moment is knocking her for six – she is in Prospect Hospice, but I think her husband will be coming along on the night.

“They have had so much support from the local community.

“The event was my sister’s idea – her boyfriend is in the band and they will be playing for free, so it is all a bit of a joint effort.

“We’ve got a list of shops who have donated the raffle prizes, which is very kind of them, so we are hoping to get a really good turn out.”

When Natasha finishes chemotherapy, she hopes to put the money raised to pay for the high-dose vitamin C therapy.

The treatment is based on an intravenous infusion of pharmacological vitamin C, which contains the equivalent of 500 oranges in each dose.

Last weekend, an event at The Moonrakers pub, Stratton, organised by Bev Neale in memory of her sister Ann Marie Rogers, raised £700 for Natasha.

Bev decided to donate the money after reading about her story in the Adver.

Tomorrow’s event kicks off at 7pm at the Carters Rest, in High Street.

Entry is free and money raised will go to Natasha. Everybody is welcome to attend.

To donate, visit www.paypal.

com/uk/webapps/mpp/send The email address needed to make a payment through PayPal is Danny-macdivitt@hotmail.co.uk