JAHMENE Douglas is keeping tight-lipped on what will feature on his debut album – but fans can expect an old school sound.

Speaking during the X Factor tour, where he is currently in Glasgow, Jahmene has said that he can’t believe how far he has come in the last year.

The album, which is available to pre-order, will be released on May 27, but Jahmene won’t be rushed and has said that if it is not ready he will push the date back.

He said: “The album will be out in May time. It is quite fast I think, but if things aren’t working out I will obviously push the date back.

“I have been in the studio and starting to plan things, but I don’t want to say too much because a lot of it is a surprise.

“I am hoping the album will be about real music, credible, authentic, honest, true to me and a sound that hasn’t been around for a while and hopefully I can bring that in an album.

“It is crazy to think I will have an album out this year, because there is the X Factor platform and when you make an album there is a whole other platform.

“I have got so much from this X Factor platform, to know that I am going to be moving on to something bigger it is just insane and I know that I can help people now.

“The journey that I am on at the moment is just beginning.

“It is overwhelming because I was working in Asda not long ago, it is just crazy to be able to afford the bills, crazy to know that I can step out and sing every week in front of a crowd that are going to enjoy it.

“It is just nice to know that I am living the dream.”

When asked if the album will be all original songs or covers he said: “Well this is the part where we have to leave it all down to surprise.”

Jahmene has been getting a taste for what it would be like if he toured after his album with the X Factor tour. He has already played at Manchester Arena, The NEC and Brighton in front of thousands of fans and has been getting rave reviews.

He said: “The tour has been one massive blur. It’s like you know where you are, but you don’t know where you are because you are always travelling. It is just nice to be on stage in front of that many people.

“It is nice to know that all the hard work you have been putting in has been paying off.

“It is not easy to get up day after day to sing, it’s quite tiring, but you have to put a performance of a lifetime every time you step out because it is new people who are coming to see you, they don’t care if you have performed the night before they just want to hear something good.

“I’ve watched Whitney [Houston] in the Birmingham NEC and I saw Tina Turner in Manchester and to perform on the same stage as them and to know they have walked through the same hallways and stayed in the dressing rooms is just crazy to think I am in that position.

“Performing in front of the crowds is actually comfortable now and has become second nature, it is actually harder for me to speak in public than it is to sing.”

Jahmene was a representative at the One Billion Rising on Thursday in London, where he joined actress Thandie Newton and comedian Ruby Wax in Parliament Square to help raise awareness of domestic violence.

He said: “I didn’t realise until I was there how big that event was and how important it was.

“I went to Parliament and my part as a youth ambassador was to give my side, the real human side and human element.

“Speaking from experience and knowing where the Government trips up, knowing where the system doesn’t help you, to be able to point it out and say look that is what needs to be changed.

“Michael Gove has no idea what he is doing blocking sex and relationship advice, it is a serious thing that needs to be in schools to help people understand where to go to get help.

“If it wasn’t for my sister speaking out at school I am sure my mother wouldn’t be here today.”

In Swindon, domestic violence charity Home Truths held a one hour dance event in Wharf Green as part of the One Billion Rising movement, to bring people together in protest at violence against women.