A MACHETE wielding man who launched an assault on the new boyfriend of his cousin’s ex-wife has escaped a prison term.

Aziz Hussain, of Elmina Road, was armed with the weapon when he attacked Sajid Mahmood in the street after an exchange of words.

But after hearing the 51-year-old curry house worker had never been in trouble before and his victim was not badly hurt, a judge imposed a suspended sentence.

Colin Meeke, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court there was bad blood between the men as a result of Mr Mahmood’s relationship with the woman.

He said: “Whatever the ins and outs, and I am not going to begin to unravel the rulings in either English law or Islamic law, or the validity of the divorce, it has clearly been a concern between the complainant and his girlfriend’s ex-husband. “But there has clearly been some friction but also between the complainant and this defendant. “What is undoubtedly the case on the day when Sajid Mahmood was walking through town, walking on Elmina Road towards County Road, this defendant pulled up alongside in a car. “There was an exchange of bad language and the defendant got out of the car, picked up a machete and approached Mr Mahmood.”

He said Hussain launched himself at the victim with the knife raised above his head during the incident on October 19.

But Mr Mahmood managed to get hold of his attacker and prevent the weapon from being brought down on him. “The two of them then fought and struggled in the street with Mr Hussain holding the machete and Mr Mahmood receiving a number of injuries,” Mr Meeke said.

The victim managed to overpower his attacker and hold him until the police arrived, having been alerted by passersby.

As a result of the incident Mr Meeke said the victim suffered cuts to his cheek and face and bumps and bruises.

Hussain admitted actual bodily harm and possessing an offensive weapon.

Rob Ross, defending, said: “Mr Hussain is a 51-year-old man who hasn’t been in any sort of trouble before in his life.”

He said he had worked at the Jewel in the Crown restaurant for more than 20 years. While the argument appeared to be over a trivial matter he said things can be viewed differently in different communities.

As a result of the incident he said his client had spent eight days in custody before being bailed to live in Stoke on Trent and under a night time curfew for four months.

Passing sentence Judge Douglas Field said: “This incident has a familial background and some conflict and I have no doubt that the relationship between you and the complainant had been festering for a considerable period of time. “The most serious element in the offending is you picking up this wicked looking machete: a weapon that cause serious injury.” He imposed a four-month jail term suspended for a year and told him to do 120 hours of unpaid work and be under supervision for six months.

He also ordered him to pay £150 compensation, an £80 victim surcharge, and banned him from contacting the victim.