A FASHION show helped students learn how to survive on a tight budget.

Swindon College students were asked to find an outfit for a job interview for £25, or accessories for a national costume for £15, as part of Barclays Money Skills week.

The challenge was part of a week long series of events taking place at the college, in North Star.

Jo Kelly, student experience manager, said: “Barclays Money Skills week is important because we have a lot of students who have financial difficulties. The whole week is about giving them valuable money skills.

“We have got them thinking about rates for bank cards and looking at mobile phone tariffs. Hopefully these are things they will take away with them for the future to stop them getting into debt.

“It is about gearing them up to be wise about their money and understand budgeting. We want them to understand how to live within their means.

“What we are trying to do with our students is add on to their qualifications and think about what we can do before they go out into the big wide world.”

Barclays Money Skills in FE colleges is run in partnership with The National Skills Academy for Financial Services, alongside Scotland’s Colleges, Colleges Wales and the Educational Guidance Service for Adults, in Northern Ireland.

Swindon College principal, Andrew Miller, who was one of the judges at yesterday’s show, said: “Barclays Money Skills is a great initiative that gets both our students and our teachers buzzing.

“It provides a fantastic opportunity for us to deliver money management activities to young people at a critical point in their lives, as they are planning to move away from home or to get a job. This programme allows us to cover this in a way that feels relevant and real.”

As part of the week, the students learnt about a Barclays competition to set up a small business, compared cheap and expensive versions of food, and took a money personality test.

Today they will meet North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson and a member of Barclays to learn about budgeting.

Ryan Angel, an ICT Level 2 student, was chosen as the winner of the interview outfit round in the fashion show yesterday.

The 16-year-old, who is currently looking for jobs, bought his shirt, trousers, shoes and belt from Primark and said he is planning to wear them to interviews. “I have learnt a lot, it has been a good experience and it shows you don’t have to spend a lot of money,” he said.