DOZENS turned out for the latest event as part of the Little Big Festival at Town Gardens yesterday as park-goers enjoyed the sunshine.

This weekend’s events attracted small numbers of residents to see entertainment by the way of live music, a yoga class in the Bowl and chess at the Bandstand.

The event was organised by Josie Williams, the community arts development officer at Commonweal School, in conjunction with Swindon Council Parks Department and the Town Gardens Café, with the aim of running a series of small events between April and September, which over the months would make up one big festival.

Around 30 people cheered on young singers aged between eight and 14 from Kitty Langhan Studio, as the youngsters sang a variety of different pop songs before later the Swindon Brass band took to the stage.

Ida Walker, 55, of Old Town, said: “I think it’s lovely to have events on like this in the park and there should be more.

“I don’t think this was that well publicised though because I only saw it on a poster at the café.

“They should have done a leaflet drop or something.

“I thought the kids did brilliantly at the singing.

“They have a lot of confidence to be able to go up there and sing in front of people.”

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