TALENTED photographers are inviting the public to see their work at a town centre exhibition.

The Swindon Photographic Society Annual Exhibition 2013 is taking place at the Central Library until July 27.

The exhibition includes work by about 30 photographers, whose pieces were chosen by a society competition.

Swindon Photographic Society exhibition officer, Malcolm Cole, said: “Every year we have a competition for all 70 members and the winners are put into the exhibition.

“The society’s mission is to promote the enjoyment of photography for Swindon people, and by having the exhibition we are informing the people of Swindon what the club is enabling its members to achieve.”

The images include landscapes, portraits and creative pieces.

There are three sections, including colour prints, black and white prints and projected images.

All the entries from the competition will be displayed at West Swindon Library from August 3 for two weeks.

The society’s programme secretary, John Day, said the society is hoping the exhibition will encourage people across the town to pick up their cameras.

“The idea is to bring photography out to as many people as possible,” he said.

“We feel there are probably people out there who like taking photographs of things besides the family and maybe have nobody to show their work to.

“This is to encourage them to see there are other people who want to see these photographs.”

Among the people who have work in the exhibition is Shirley Johnson, of Castle Eaton, a member for three years.

She has a photograph of a raindrop called Reflecting Glory, an image called Canal Reflections taken in Amsterdam, and one called Morning Dew taken in North Meadow in Cricklade.

“It was something totally different to what I have done before. It was quite a challenge,” she said.

“It is great to see everybody’s work in the Central Library.”

Lyn Day, of Toothill, a member for seven years, has a photograph called The Old Watermill and another called Attack on a Virgin on display.

The Old Watermill was taken on a cycle ride in Devon and Attack on a Virgin is an altered image of a hot air balloon that one day flew over her home.