ANY doubts I had about Jessie J – and let’s face it, her loud, brash persona isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – were turned on their head on Friday night when I saw for myself why quite so many youngsters (my eight-year-old superfan neice included) are in awe of this feisty lady.

Not only does she have one of the most phenomenal voices in the industry, not only does she stick two fingers up to conventional fashion – this time striding out in a lace bodysuit, proudly showing off her platinum crop – but the woman has a powerful message to spread, and for that alone she deserves maximum credit.

Her tracklist – from the openers Price Tag and Who’s Laughing Now? to the stunning closer Domino – was constantly interspersed with Jessie’s infectious chatter, reflections and anecdotes, all of which preached to her young female fanbase that they should be themselves, not listen to their critics and love who they are.

What an impressive role model in a world where image is too often considered everything. If this is what loudmouth Jessie has to say, she can keep on saying it as loud as she likes. Awesome.