THE Swindon film industry has been playing a starring role at the home of the big screen – Hollywood.

Swindon-based film Mr Wiggles had its American premiere on Sunday as part of the Awareness Film Festival.

The festival selects films from around the world to raise awareness of pressing issues and the film, which is co-directed by Stephen Ware and Stephanie Palmer, tackles the taboo subjects of domestic violence and child abuse.

Nominated for the UK Short Film Screenplay award, the film looks at the lives of two young children, Amber and Nathan, who are living in an abusive home. They are played by brother and sister Hope and Ryan West.

The film has also been entering festivals across the globe and has had success in India, China and Japan.

Stephen, of Highworth, wrote the screenplay after the success of his debut play Aimee and has been delighted with how well the film has been received on the festival circuit.

“The response has been very good and it has been getting a lot of recognition all over the place which has been great,” said the 23-year-old.

“We didn’t know what to expect from the film but now we have this film created solely in Swindon being shown all across the world.

“The aim of this film was to put Swindon on the map for films and I think we are definitely achieving that and what means the most is when we get people liking our Facebook page who have no direct link with the film.”

Steve is now preparing to take the film to more film festivals around Europe on what he is calling the coming home tour and is also working on a short drama and a documentary for his next projects.

To find out more about the film and to watch the trailer, visit Film#!/MrWigglesFilm.