FROM this Sunday, passengers will see some Thamesdown Transport services amended.

Funding from Swindon Council will benefit Services 19 and 22 with new late evening journeys from Mondays to Saturdays.

Service 19, from Fleming Way to Sparcells, will run hourly until 10.50pm and Service 22, from Fleming Way to Old Town and Okus, will run half-hourly until 11.19pm.

To improve timekeeping, the timetables for Services 12 and 15 will be changed before 9am on Mondays to Fridays. Many buses will now leave earlier.

Service 3 will also see a change to the 8.45am journey, with it now leaving Fleming Way for New College 10 minutes earlier at 8.35am.

Early morning and late evening Sunday services on Service 16 are to be withdrawn, however they will be replaced by new early morning and late evening Service 13A and 14A Sunday journeys running between Haydon Wick, Fleming Way, the Great Western Hospital and Eldene via the Liden bus gate. The last Sunday buses from Fleming Way will be at 10pm to Eldene and 10.45 pm to Haydon Wick.

Services 13 and 14 through the town centre will also be changed. Instead of serving Commercial Road and Regent Circus, journeys from Haydon Wick to Eldene will now run via Station Road and the Railway Station. The time saved is being reallocated elsewhere on the route to improve timekeeping.

Timetable leaflets are available from the Thamesdown Travel Shop Fleming Way. See