THE butterflies have begun fluttering for Hayley Savory ahead of her wedding today after it was rushed forward to allow her terminally-ill father to walk her down the aisle.

Gary Savory, 53, was diagnosed with stomach cancer in September, and is being cared for at Prospect Hospice.

Mother-of-four Hayley, 29, realised she would have to bring the date of her wedding forward so Gary could walk her down the aisle and give her away to fiancee Will Tsang.

She then had four weeks to arrange the entire ceremony, but thanks to help from friends and well-wishers, everything is now in place.

Her friend Louise Morecombe put her story on Facebook, and hundreds of people offered help.

Her dress, the church, the cake and suit hire have all been offered for free, and transport has been arranged by a taxi firm.

“We got a call from Swindon Station Taxis, who have offered to provide two rent-a-cabs to us for free to get dad to and from the church,” said Hayley.

“My friend Louise, who started it all off, has done about 50 per cent of the work, and I have no idea how she has found the time to do it all.

“There have been a few last-minute changes, and I had to have my dress altered two days ago when I had my last fitting.

“I am a bit scared at the moment, and the butterflies are really starting now, but everything is ready to go.

“When I first booked in with the register office I did not have anything ready, and it has all come about over the last two weeks.”

It will be touch and go on the day with Gary’s health, but Hayley says she is just happy to have him there.

“My dad is not too bad at the moment, considering. He does have a few bad days, but he is on antibiotics now, which might be doing the trick. He is really looking forward to the ceremony.

“I do not know if dad will be in the wheelchair or if he will be able to walk. We will have to wait and see on the day if he can walk me down the aisle or will be in the chair. I will just be happy he is there either way.

“I am very close to my dad. My parents split up when I was about six, and they remarried when I was about 17, so I didn’t really grow up with my dad.

“I’m really close to him because it feels like I have just got him back and he is being taken away from me again.”

Hayley said she was grateful for all the support she had been given to make her dream day possible. She said: “I am just so overwhelmed. I didn’t think that there were so many kind people in Swindon.

“At first I was a little bit scared and I didn’t want to put the pressure on my dad. When he began to get worse I did tell him, hoping that it would give him a bit of strength. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone.”