ROCKER Daniel Struve is one of the first volunteers around the town to have been nominated for this year’s Pride of Swindon Awards.

The 84-year-old from Park South – also known as the Oldest Rocker In Town as a result of his regular attendance at the Reading Festival – has raised more than £40,000 over the years for various children’s charities.

“I was thrilled to bits, and I really mean that,” said Daniel, when he found out he had been nominated.

“People obviously think that I’m doing the right thing.”

Daniel does not know who nominated him, but he was surprised to hear that his name had been put forward.

The grandfather-of-eight and great-grandfather-of-two said: “I was surprised.

“I do these things but I don’t expect anything in return, and the people who receive it are so grateful.

“I suppose they nominated me because I have a big heart and I have raised so much money for children.

“I hate to see children suffer, and a lot of children do suffer.

“I hate wars and I hate guns but I love children and I love animals and I love my family.”

Daniel is well known for recycling and upcycling items – a skill he learned as a child during the Second World War – to make new things out of scrap metal, wood and paper. He is most proud of the larger models he has created to sell for donations to children’s charities.

His favourite models have included a cathedral, a church, and even a village, which have been donated to the local credit union, the Children’s Service Centre and a residential care home.

This year marks the sixth year that the awards have taken place to recognise the children and adults who have gone the extra mile to support their local communities.

Residents now have until February 3 to nominate an individual or group who they think has made a significant difference to their communities, including a volunteer who has given their time selflessly for years, a child or adult who has displayed remarkable courage, a person who has helped to reduce crime in the area or someone who has helped at a sports club.

A young person who should be recognised as a role model could also be a recipient, as well as an extra-special neighbour or an employee who has gone the extra mile in their role, including police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses and teachers.

People can also nominate someone for a posthumous award.

To nominate someone who has made a difference to your community for the Pride of Swindon Awards, follow this link to the nomination form: Forms will also be available in libraries throughout the town, or from the Mayor’s Office.

Send your entry to: The Pride Of Swindon Awards, Mayor’s Office, Civic Offices, Euclid Street, Swindon SN1 2JH or email prideofswindonawards