A STAFFORDSHIRE Bull Terrier who lost more than half his body weight after being neglected by his owner is looking for a new home.

The dog, who vets estimate to be between three and five years old, was found in Imber Walk, Penhill, on January 24 and was badly emaciated. He was found with pressure sores and urine scald burns on his limbs.

He is currently being kept at kennels in Faringdon, but his condition has improved considerably since he was first taken in.

Swindon Council is appealing for information to trace his owner as his condition is consistent with being housed in an extremely confined space.

“When he first came in he weighed just 10.6 kilos,” said Alison Waine, Swindon Council’s Environmental Protection Officer. “He probably weighs 20 plus kilos when he is fit and healthy.

“He was totally emaciated to the point that he had complete muscle wastage. The fact that he had sores and urine scald burns would indicate that he was being kept in a crate, tied to a very short lead or confined to a very small space and unable to get out of his own waste. His coat is stained yellow from urine.

“He was in a horrible condition and it is simply neglect that has got him into this state but every day he is making really good progress and he has put on one and a half kilos already since being taken into the kennels. “He is a lovely little boy, slightly timid but friendly and seems good with other dogs too.

“Blue Cross have kindly offered to look after him from Thursday, but they would like to hear from anyone interested in adopting him or other Staffies in their care.”

Anyone who has information about the dog’s owner should contact the council’s animal welfare team on 01793 466014.

For those interested in giving the abandoned dog a home, Blue Cross can be contacted on 0300 777 1570.