THE LATEST meeting of the Highworth’s Missing Link campaign group focused on a couple of routes which could be used as a cycle path.

The campaign group formed in 2012 to devise a safe travel route for cyclists between Highworth and Swindon, and are in the process of achieving charitable status.

Deb Tremblin, 56, a founding member of the campaign group, said: “I am amazed at the cycle networks there are around Swindon, it’s really good.

“But I am frustrated that there is no link between them and Highworth.”

A cycle path was first proposed several years ago to provide a safe route for cyclists to the town centre, and a proposed route along the old railway track was even printed on the Swindon cycle map.

But since then little has been done, despite overwhelming support for it.

Amy Martin, from sustainable travel charity Sustrans, said: “By providing local residents with a safe route to cycle between the two towns, it could improve access to services and facilities, and encourage more active travel – a great way to maintain and improve fitness.”

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