WORKPLACE pension scheme The People’s Pension has auto-enrolled more than 500,000 workers since it opened for business in November 2011 .

The 500,000th worker to enrol was Louise Cater, who works at Arkell’s Brewery’s Saracen’s Head Hotel, in Highworth.

Patrick Heath-Lay, the chief executive of B&CE, the provider of The People’s Pension, said: “We launched The People’s Pension in 2011 because we wanted to use our experience to help employers with automatic enrolment and provide a good quality pension.

“Our clear and simple design, coupled with our focus on supporting employers and helping members, is proving attractive to employers of all sizes.”

“Although we have auto-enrolled over 500,000 people, our job is not done. We will continue to focus on providing the best possible service to employers and their employees, and remain committed to serving any employer no matter how small.

Barry Russell, the finance director at Arkell’s Brewery, said: “We chose The People’s Pension on recommendation from other Family Brewers.

“Long before Auto Enrolment was introduced, they were providing good quality pensions similar to that required by Auto Enrolment.

“As a not-for-profit organisation, they have the pensions of their members at heart and apply a low charging structure to members’ funds.”