STAFF at Great Western Hospital enjoyed a morning of flipping good fun yesterday to raise money for the Brighter Futures charity.

More than 50 people from across a number of different departments took part in a pancake race knock-out competition, with all the money raised going towards bringing ground-breaking breast cancer treatment to the hospital.

Despite the friendly nature of the event, everyone was competitive and loudly cheering on their team mates from the sidelines.

Twelve teams of four, with an extra member in reserve, took part in the races with the eventual winners being ‘Flippin heck we are all battered out’ a team from the Cherwell Unit, which deals with pre-operative assessment.

Ward manager Nikola Robinson said: “We had a great competitive team who were out to win. It was great to see such support from all areas of the hospital and a range of competitors from a variety of departments. Roll on next year’s race.”

Another member of the team was Daniel Boden, the administration manager, who said: “I think that it was an excellent event, and has not only provided income for a worthwhile cause, but has also enabled people across the hospital that don’t normally interact during their daily working lives to build friendships, promote team work, and allow us to continue to provide excellent care and support to all our patients here at the GWH.”

All money raised from the race will go to Brighter Futures, the GWH NHS Foundation Trust’s charity, which is collecting money for the appeal.

While everyone had fun and enjoyed highly competitive races, the aim was to raise money so the GWH can provide intra-operative breast radiotherapy for which £75,000 is needed.

Consultant breast surgeon Nathan Coombs, who took part in the race dressed in his scrubs, said: “It’s really good to see so many people from the hospital come to take part in the race and have some fun.

“I’ve not done anything like this before but we will be doing a number of fundraising activities over the coming months.

“If we get it then GWH will be one of only a few places in the country which offer this service and it will make a difference to around 150 women in Swindon each year.”

To donate to the Brighter Futures’ Breast Cancer Appeal visit /brighter-futures3.

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Pancake Day was also celebrated around the town by people of all ages, including Drove Primary School, above, and Eggelicious in the Tented Market.