A HUGELY controversial proposal to build a biomass plant in Cheney Manor has today officially been thrown out by the council.

The plan, which would have involved burning wood chippings to create energy, was put forward by Pure Green but met with fierce opposition from local residents and councillors.

Due to the level of opposition and the need for further detail about the process a planning decision was deferred until a further date.

However, there has since been no communication from Pure Green, or its parent company Hippofan, since this date, despite claims they were not abandoning the application, so the plan has been officially deposed of.

As a result, should the company want to build a biomass plant they will need to put in a whole new application.

Opposition to the plan was almost unanimous and before a council meeting in November residents held a protest outside the chambers at which they handed over a petition against the plant containing 700 signatures.

The main points of contention were the levels of pollution the plant would have created, along with the amounts of extra traffic.