PRIME Minister David Cameron has made a commitment to minimise the impact of the job losses in Swindon announced by Honda yesterday.

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson stood before Parliament in Westminster this afternoon and called upon the Conservative party leader to support efforts in the town.

Pitching the second of Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Tomlinson said: “I know that my right honourable friend will be as concerned as I am about potential job losses at Honda in my constituency.

“But will he work with me and my honourable friend, the Member for South Swindon (Robert Buckland), to help support those who are affected at this difficult time?”

The question was met with much support from the Tory camp before Mr Cameron stood to respond.

“I completely understand my honourable friend’s concern and we will be working with local partners to minimise the impact of these job losses,” he said.

“Honda has assured us they’re committed to the long-term success of this plant in Swindon, which I have been to and it’s a remarkable plant with the 3,000 people that work there.

“I know Honda remains committed to the UK, committed to Honda and we will work with the local council and local people to make sure Swindon continues to have a strong and successful economic future.”