A JUDGE has issued a warrant for the arrest of a teenage mugger who failed to turn up in court after being accused of again breaching the terms of a suspended sentence.

Nathan Hagen had been given a ‘last chance’ in March after he failed to comply with the orders of the sentence imposed in August.

A warrant had to be issued to bring the 18-year-old to court on that occasion but the suspended sentence was allowed to continue.

Judge Douglas Field told him he would be under a night time curfew but it is alleged when it came for the tag to be fitted he was not at home.

Now Hagen, who was last known to be living at the Salvation Army hostel, in Booth Street, has failed to show up for the hearing at Swindon Crown Court.

Judge Tim Mousley QC issued a warrant for his arrest without bail to secure his attendance.

Hagen was one of a gang of three youths who robbed another boy in Haydon End on Tuesday, April 16 last year.