THE Task Force set up to support workers at risk of redundancy at Honda’s plant in South Marston is moving to expand its programme of activities.

With the Easter break now over, a new series of support measures are being introduced, leading up to the jobs fair on May 23 at Stanton House Hotel.

The Task Force has been notified of more than 200 potential jobs through its dedicated contact address at As individuals are informed over the coming weeks of decisions regarding redundancy, the Task Force will be offering a package of advice and practical help through a number of specialist organisations.

Jill Annal, project manager for the Task Force, said: “Up until Easter, we concentrated on helping those people considering voluntary redundancy to understand the resources available to them. Now that part of the process is complete we will turn our attention to making sure those going through the redundancy process are helped to find new jobs and careers.

“This includes a comprehensive range of advice and support culminating in the jobs fair towards the end of May. We want to ensure that those leaving one career can transfer as simply and easily as possible into another workplace.”