POLICE are warning parents to be aware of what their children are doing following incidents of under-age drinkers behaving anti-socially at house parties.

Officers were called to a house party in Taw Hill on Saturday which spilled into the street, disturbing neighbours. When police arrived they found teenagers, some as young as 12, drunk on high-strength spirits.

The North Swindon team has gone to a number of parties recently where alcohol is being drunk by youngsters.

Further investigation has shown some parents have supplied their children with spirits, although most are shocked to find out there is alcohol and no supervision at the party.

As result, on arrival police have found the children being violently sick and passing out.

There have been calls on the North Swindon Police Facebook page for people to be prosecuted.

It is an offence to supply someone under the age of 18 with alcohol. However, Wiltshire Police Inspector Antony Ducker said education is the preferred route to start with.

He said: “We have not been inundated with incidents of anti-social behaviour, but it is timely to provide a warning, as we approach the summer season.

“As far as parents are concerned I think they have to be balanced and sensible.

“If a parent is buying a hard spirit for their child to take to a party that is something we would advise against. “We want to educate parents and put in more support at first.

“A couple of people have commented on the Facebook post about blaming the sellers – we have a programme of operations that run hand-in-hand with our licensing team and Swindon Council’s to combat this.

“We carry out test purchases and educate sellers about underage sales and we have these planned in the north sector until the end of the year.

“If someone is found to be breaking the law then we will prosecute.”

Inspector Ducker also said that while uncontrolled parties were one thing, youngsters under the influence of alcohol could lead to far more serious incidents with long-term consequences.

“I would remind parents and young people of the dangers about alcohol misuse and anyone, particularly young people, can become very vulnerable if they are under the influence,” he said.

He said he advised young people to be wary about gettting into a car with someone they did not know or did not expect to get a lift with at the beginning of the night.

For more information on the dangers of alcohol visit www.drinkaware.co.uk.