TALENTED students from Swindon Dance have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform at the Royal Ballet School.

Sixteen male and female dancers aged nine to 12 on the STEPS2 programme will perform at the school’s Dance Partnership and Access Programme on May 31 in Covent Garden.

Although Swindon Dance works closely with the Royal Ballet School to help develop dancers’ skills, it is the first time a group has been asked to perform.

Emma Jones, education and development manager at Swindon Dance, said: “It’s a really fantastic opportunity for us and a really great chance for the students not only to perform but watch other dancers and see how they could progress.

“We’re very excited and I am very pleased for them. I think it’s a great opportunity for them.

“They work exceptionally hard and they really do deserve the opportunity.”

The youngsters have spent some time rehearsing for a new dance piece, which has been prepared by leading choreographer Merville Jones.

The STEPS2 programme offers a training opportunity for dancers wishing to take the next steps in their dance career.

For more information on STEPS2, email Emma Jones at emma.jones@swindondance.org.uk