A SECURITY review is being carried out at Hargroves Cycles after a high performance bike worth £5,900 was stolen on Monday.

Wiltshire Police is investigating CCTV footage of the specialised red and black Sworks Enduro FSR Carbon 2011 being taken from the store, in Penzance Drive, at 11.30am.

Two men came to the shop and asked about the bike which had been on display since Friday. One walked out the front door with it and was quickly followed by the other man.

Mark Sealey, Hargroves Cycles manager, said: “I was off when the bike was stolen but I came in the next day and thought it had been sold. This is really frustrating as it had only come in on Friday and was worth a lot of money.

“We were really busy when it was taken and now we are looking at making some security changes.

“We are looking at improving the CCTV as well as introducing a new door system and product tagging. This inevitably will cost thousands of pounds, which isn’t ideal.”

Mark said the increased interest in cycling in recent years means expensive bikes and equipment are being targeted more often by thieves.

“This bike was the best of the best and because of the price we tend to only have one on display.

“We want to have the top bikes in the shop but when things like this happen it makes it difficult,” he said.

“Given that we are a specialised bike shop with regular customers we are hearing of people having their bikes taken on a regular basis which is very frustrating.”

The man who took the bike is described as being white, wearing a baseball cap and black North Face body warmer while the other man was also white, wearing a black coat and sunglasses.

To aid the police in their investigations, staff from Hargroves Cycles have being putting pictures of the two men on social media.

Tom Holden, the shop’s assistant manager, said: “I know as staff we don’t actually own the bike but we are all as sick as anything it has been taken and hope the police and the public can help us get it back.”

Anyone with information can call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

CCTV images of the men police want to question

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