PERMISSION has been given to build 61 houses off Ermin Street, close to Blunsdon, to developer Hills Homes.

The application was put in last year and includes provision for nine allotments, open space and a play area.

The developers worked closely with Blunsdon Parish Council to ensure that the best deal possible was gained for the village. As such, £400,000 of section 106 funds have been secured which will be used on amenities in the village, with some going to the council.

Of the 61 homes in the development, 19 of them will be affordable homes, a move welcomed by the parish council. The next stage of the development is to design the full look of the houses, with construction expected to start next year.

Nick King, group director for Hills Homes, said: “We are delighted with the outcome of our planning application and the fact that Blunsdon Parish Council recommended it for approval.

“The next step will be for us to work up our detailed proposal in conjunction with the Parish and Borough Council with a view to commencing the development in 2015.”

There are currently a number of developments either starting or proposed around the village, such as Tadpole Farm and Kingsdown, which have concerned local residents that Blunsdon is being encroached upon.

However, the Hills development was seen as one which would not have too great an impact.

Parish Council Chairman Ian Jankinson said: “On the whole we are pleased with the outcome after negotiating with Hills. It is good we will have the money to spend, which will go towards the graveyard, among other things.

“We wanted the road junction to have been in keeping with the others on Ermin Street but we are very pleased with the amount of affordable homes.”