LOCATED just south of the M4, Wroughton stands alone as one of the more rural areas of the borough.

However, many of the residents feel this is under threat from an increasing number of housing projects in and around the village.

The most notable is Wichelstowe which, although the other side of the motorway, has left many feeling it is only a matter of time before it creeps across.

As a result, whoever wins at next week’s local election will be expected to do what they can to stem the flow of housing projects.

Swindon Advertiser:

Martyn and Janet Peppin, above, who live in the village, say it is the major projects which are the biggest threat.

Janet said: “What we don’t need are any more of the bigger projects. There are enough of the smaller pockets of land in the village which can be used.

“This is a lovely village and a great place to live but it is getting bigger and bigger all the time. I know Wichelstowe is a worry to many people. It is on the other side of the M4 but there is the land south of that which could well be next.

“With housing over at Royal Wootton Bassett it feels as though development is coming from all sides.”

The couple are already concerned village life is being eroded, with more and more services disappearing and an increasing number of supermarkets.

Janet said: “Whoever comes in we want to stand up for village life. We used to have a police station for example but now that has gone there is not much of a visible presence.

“I know crime is quite low in Wroughton but I think it would make people feel a lot safer if they saw more officers walking around.”

Swindon Advertiser:

Another couple who worry about the changing face of the village is Richard and Yvonne Stanham, above, who have lived in Wroughton for more than 50 years.

Richard said: “We want whoever comes in to do almost nothing to the village. There are so many developers coming in and the place can’t take it all.

“They need to make sure that the projects are stopped so we can keep the village the way it is.

“Too much of the land around here is just being sold off and no-one seems to care about the people who live in it. We want the councillor to stick up for the people who live here.”

In 2012, Wroughton and Wichelstowe was one of the few wards which was split between the parties, with the Conservatives taking two seats and the Liberal Democrats the other.


Georgina AKERS (Liberal Democrat)
Wayne CRABBE (Conservative) 
Paul DIXON (Labour)
Talis KIMBERLEY (Green Party) 
John Francis NEWMAN (Independent)
Susan SHORT (UK Independence Party)

2012 election turnout: 27 per cent (6,345)

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