LEXINGTON Wealth encouraged employees to bring their children into the company’s Lydiard Millicent base to teach them about finance.

Six youngsters came to the financial planner’s offices on Friday to learn about managing money and to see what their parents do for a living.

The children, aged between five and nine, looked at how the value of money has changed during their lifetime and posted jokes on the company’s Twitter feed as part of their Funny Friday feature.

They ended their visit with a game of Monopoly and pizza for lunch.

Warren Shute, Lexington Wealth chartered financial planner, said: “It went brilliantly. We are passionate about helping children to have a better understanding of money and how finance works.

“Given that the group is quite young we didn’t want to go over the top and we wanted to ensure that there was an element of fun in everything we did.

“I think it was also nice for the children to come in and see where their parents work.”

Warren, who has previously taught children at private schools about finance, said he would like to get out in the community to speak to more children about money and planning for the future.

He said: “I think it would be really good and very beneficial if we could work with schools and host a community finance seminar.”

Anyone schools interested can call 01793 771093 or visit www.lexingtonwealth.co.uk.