TEENAGER Tyler Ody had the surprise of his life when he spotted popstar Gareth Gates ten pin bowling with his family on Thursday night.

The 13-year-old music fan from Haydon Wick was on an evening outing to Shaw Ridge with an Autism Spectrum Disorder youth group from Swindon Council.

Martha Stygall, a sessional worker with the group, said: “Tyler is a huge music fan and he was so excited when he saw him. We didn’t want to impose but we went over and asked Gareth if he would pose for a photo. Tyler was nearly bouncing up and down and had a huge smile on his face.”

Gareth also took time for a quick snap with Kate Brett and her eldest daughter, Ameila.

The family from Covingham were enjoying the arcade games when they spotted the star.

Kate said: “My husband, Nigel, told me to go and look at the man by one of the machines. I didn’t know who he was and then he nearly trod on Amelia.

“He was lovely. He was quite shy and he was obviously with his family.”