JUDY and Basil Jones were shocked when an elderly driver crashed into their garage in Grosvenor Road yesterday afternoon.

The driver of the blue Citroen Berlingo hit the closed garage door and smashed into many of the Jones’ belongings at 4.15pm yesterday, leaving a deep crack in the building and falling concrete.

When Judy heard the crash she rushed from her kitchen to see the car in their garage, and immediately went to see if anyone had been hurt.

The hynoptherapist and nurse said: “I was in the kitchen when there was this almighty great bang and I went to look out the window and there it was.

“All the neighbours came along to help and the driver managed to climb out the back of the hatchback and wait for the ambulance to arrive.

“I think he was just so shocked. Obviously smashing through that garage door, he went through quite an experience.”

All three emergency services were in attendance to make sure the scene was safe.

The driver was taken to hospital to recover.

Judy said: “Everybody has been very good and they all arrived here so quickly.

“The police arranged for the car to be taken away and they have also said they would board it up, which is good because it needs to be safe and secure.”