24 Victoria Road,

Swindon, SN1 3AW.

Tel: 01793 422912

COME closer and I’ll let you into a little secret; something so shameful I’m almost afraid to share it.

Last week, I had my first ever kebab... and I was sober. What’s more, I absolutely loved it, and will be having another one as soon as I can justify the assault on my stomach.

It seems remarkable to think that I’ve got to the age of 43 without ever eating a kebab. But to be honest, the late night burger van or kebab shop thing has never really appealed to me. If I’m already feeling queasy from one too many, the one and only thing I want is my bed, not a mound of greasy meat carved from a greasy stick.

At least that’s what I thought.

But after being persuaded to step out of my comfort zone for a change, I found myself in Kings Best BBQ last week – the slightly shabby-looking place on Victoria Road which always has a queue of cars outside – watching on as the guy behind the counter sliced my dinner into a pitta.

I will confess I went for a ‘novice’ chicken doner, not the lamb version which has always looked so unappetising to me. At Kings, you can choose from small at £4.80, large at £6.20 and extra large at £7.20 (lamb versions are 20p cheaper) and I opted for the small size with all the salad and sauce, bar the peppers.

My partner went for a large doner, and we ordered two portions of chips as well.

As we unwrapped our food at home I expected a mashed-up mess, but was pleasantly surprised at the neat but very generous parcels which lay inside.

Even more of a surprise was the flavour. The chicken slightly charred from the grill, mixed with garlic mayo, crunchy lettuce and raw onion, was a revelation – “a taste sensation,” to coin a Peter Kay catchphrase. I loved it and wondered why I’d waited so long.

My partner attacked his meatier version like a man who’d been on the beer (although he hadn’t), mumbling words to the effect of “I told you so” between mouthfuls.

I hate to think how many calories we consumed, but the only grease on our plates was from the vast mountain of chips.

Next time I visit Kings – and there will be a next time – maybe I’ll progress to the more advanced doner and sample the lamb. Or maybe not.