TEENAGER Molly Melville reflected on more than her own family when she had her head shaved at school in aid of Cancer Research UK.

The 14-year-old organised the head shave during a gap in her exams at Isambard Community School, after the mother of her best friend successfully fought cancer.

Molly wanted to raise money and awareness of what the disease can do to patients and their families.

“I have had a few family members who have had cancer and a few friends’ families. This is just my respect for them and to show I care,” said Molly, of Dunley Close in Redhouse.

“I love helping people because I know that some people struggle so much with their lives. They sit at home, watching TV, and we don’t realise what people are struggling with. The money could save someone’s life.”

With teaching assistant Craig Kent at the clippers, Molly sat in front of fellow pupils in the street which runs through the school and had a grade one cut all over.

The Isambard pupil, who raised more than £200, admitted her nerves began mount as the seconds ticked down towards cutting time.

“I wasn’t scared at first because I thought it would be all right, but when it came to the moment I was quite nervous,” she said.

“As soon as he cut off the first chunk it was very emotional and a bit scary as he carried on.

“Everyone has been very supportive. I went on Facebook and I had lots of notifications from people saying ‘well done’.”