MUMS across the town celebrated World Breastfeeding Week by joining millions of women around the world who all fed their children at the same time.

Around 30 mothers braved the heavy downpour of rain on Saturday morning to help raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding as well as the prejudice some women still receive for breastfeeding in public. They all breast-fed their child for at least a minute at 10am in The Parade, joining thousands around the world taking part in the annual Big Latch On.

Kathryn Beale, who breast-fed both her children and helped to organise the Swindon event, is a volunteer with peer support network Swindon Breastmates.

The 41-year-old from Park North said events like these helped to normalise breast feeding in public.

She said: “It’s never happened to me but you do hear about women who’ve endured snide remarks.”