RELATE has revealed that one in five people did not feel loved in the two weeks before taking its latest survey.

The latest report from the relationship charity offers a glimpse into the state of Swindon’s personal relationships in 2014, revealing that although four in five people say they have a positive relationship with their partner, 10 per cent of people say they rarely feel loved in their day-to-day lives and one in 10 people said they did not have a close friend.

Meanwhile, 58 per cent of those who took part said that a good sex life was very or fairly important while 22 per cent of people said they were not satisfied with their sex lives, and 24 per cent of people admitted to having an affair.

The survey also showed that certain external pressures, such as money worries, can have a negative impact on relationships.

Ellaine Cameron, centre manager at Relate Gloucestershire and Swindon, hopes the latest findings will encourage people to seek help from their local Relate Centre during difficult times.

She said: “The survey’s results indicate that no relationships are immune to tough patches or challenges that may or may not be within our control.

“However, Relate can offer a supportive and impartial environment to help individuals, couples or families talk through difficulties, when they arise, in order to reduce the possibility of issues spiralling and seeming ‘unsolvable’.”

The report comes from the results of one of the largest surveys of its kind, with around 5,000 people taking part country-wide.

It presents a modern view of our relationships and indicates that while family separation continues to shape modern family life, the quality of family relationships matters more than the size, shape or structure of the family unit.

Kimberley Wall, service development manager at Relate Gloucestershire and Swindon, said the survey was an important step towards highlighting the diversity of relationships.

She said: “The results convey how our relationships are affected by how good we feel about ourselves, our social support systems and our home-work life balance.

“Relationships are dimensional and this survey helps us understand how different areas of our lives interact and influence each other and that there are no right answers.

“We can make up our own relationship rules to reflect what suits our unique situation; at home, in the bedroom or at work.”

Full results of the survey can be seen at icy-campaigns/publications/way- we-are-now-state-uks-relationships-2014.

Relate Gloucestershire and Swindon offers information, advice and counselling for all stages of your relationships. Contact them on 01242 523215 or visit for more information.