TITCH Ockwell wants to find a Good Samaritan who went above and beyond to help him during a recent shopping trip.

At 2.50pm last Friday, 86-year-old Titch knocked over his milk at the till at Tesco, in Ocotal Way, and the woman behind him in the line picked it up, packed his bags and even offered to pay for his £15 worth of shopping.

Titch, who uses a walking stick, was overwhelmed by the offer but politely declined.

Later, when he was loading his shopping bags into his car, the woman came running over and gave him a box of chocolates, before quickly leaving.

Titch, who lives in Windsor Road, said: “After the lady helped me I asked the cashier how much I owed and they turned and pointed at my helper who said she’d pay.

“I said ‘thank you very much indeed but that wasn’t necessary’. The next thing she turned up at my car with chocolates.

“The last words the woman said to me were ‘if everyone was a little bit more like this, the world would be a better place’.

“I couldn’t believe it when she offered to pay for the shopping, my mind was boggled and I thought it was a wonderful thing when she gave me the chocolates.”

Titch shared his sweet treats with his friends at the Lawn Community Centre on Sunday morning.

He said: “The sad thing is that she didn’t give me her name and just went away.

“I want to get this story out there to show that there are good people around who go out of their way to help others. Her actions left me feeling over the moon. Now, I want to track her down and give her a card and show how much I appreciate what she did.

“She was just a regular lady who went out of her way to make my day. Her actions have warmed my old ticker.

“I’ve been on cloud nine ever since this happened and everyone that I’ve told about it has been really impressed.”

  • If you’re the person who helped Titch, or you know who it was, call the Adver newsdesk on 01793 501809.