ROYAL British Legion Riders Branch members motored into Mountford Manor Primary School yesterday for a lesson on the importance of Remembrance Sunday.

Pupils aged seven to 11 hung on the every word of Allen McIlvar and Andy Sleep, who stood at the front of the group with their motorcycles.

Teacher Chris Fox, who arranged a similar event with Drove Primary School last year, wanted to show pupils why remembrance is so important.

“Last year I worked at a different school and we organised for the RBL to come in and do some work with the kids, but I felt bringing them in here would be even more appropriate with the centenary,” he said.

“I teach Year 3, seven and eight-year-olds, and I know they understand the importance of the remembrance calendar, so I’m confident they will get something out of this.

“What they don’t understand is exactly what the RBL does for those current and ex-service personnel to help them lead a normal life, if they have been injured.

“The importance of all this should be pounded into them. Just because it was a long time ago doesn’t mean they shouldn’t remember.

“It was a remarkable thing those people gave up and it’s still happening now.

“The benefit of having people like Allen and Andy in, is the fact they can answer questions first hand as ex-servicemen themselves.”

Yesterday’s talk will act as a launchpad for the school’s own plans across the Remembrance period.

One hundred balloons, full of poppy seeds and wild flowers, will be released on Tuesday as a way of giving thanks for the sacrifices made by the fallen.

Andy Sleep, an RBL member for 32 years after 24 years in service, said: “This is tremendously important in showing the children exactly what the legion does.”