PEOPLE wanting to walk down Cricklade Road have been left with nowhere to go as cycle-lane markings have been painted on both sections of the pavement.

Nearby resident Daniel Woodwards said: "They re-marked the cycle track as two lanes, one for bikes and one for pedestrians.

"But they accidentally marked both lanes for bikes and then repeated the mistake further along the track.

"Then they must have realised their mistake and blacked out one bike in each lane, but on opposite sides, so both lanes are still for bikes.

"It is very confusing to look at. I often walk along the path and no one is really sure where to walk and where to ride their bikes.

"What makes this mistake so stupendous, is if you had done it you would have known immediately.

"Both sets of markings are painted quite close together, so you can see them both at the same time, so you would know.

"Anyone who had any brains would have noticed."

Daniel, 25, who works for B&Q, contacted the Advertiser after reading about the new cycle path in Hyde Road experiencing the same blunder.

"I feel this is an even bigger mistake as the markings are in clear view of each other.

"Even when they tried to put it right, they got it wrong."

Daniel and his wife Becky said they could see the blunder from their home and said the problem started eight months ago when the new stretch of cycle track was built. "I think most people have enough sense to be able to get out of the way of a bike coming towards them, but it is ridiculous that they didn't notice what they had done.

"They haven't done anything to put it right.

"I don't know how much the council has spent painting it in the first place, then coming back to change it, and now they'll have to come back again, but it's a complete waste of money."

To make matters worse, Daniel said that on the opposite side of Cricklade Road, in Gorse Hill, no markings or lines had been painted on at all to define where the cycle lane and pedestrian area is.

Last week, Swindon Council told the Adver that contractors had made a simple mistake on the footpath outside Kingsdown School and said it would be put right as soon as possible. A spokesman for the council said: "To prevent any confusion the cycle lane should always be the one closest to the hedge."

The Highway Code says cyclists must keep to their side of segregated cycle paths - but riders in Cricklade Road don't know which side that is.