SCHOOLS and businesses will be doffing their caps and other hats to a charity which helps people who have suffered head injuries.

People are being urged to wear hats of all shapes and sizes on Friday in support of Headway.

Since 1989, the organisation has been helping those who have suffered head injuries by helping them develop key expertise lost due to their injuries, such as reading, writing and speech, as well as social skills.

To mark the national Action For Brain Injury Week the group, based at Headlands Trading Estate, is appealing for people across Swindon to don a variety of wacky or beautiful headwear and seek sponsorship from friends and family.

“If anyone wants to get involved we’d really appreciate it,” said Headway manager Jane Weston.

“We are hoping to generate awareness of the problems facing those with brain injuries and highlight the support available.”

The funds will be going to the charity and one of their main aims is to move to a new base.

“We are hoping to move to a new premises as it would allow us to help more people,”Jane said.

“This is something we’d like to do later this year.

“We are looking to raise as much as possible from Hats For Headway.”

The charity don’t wish to reveal details of where they’d like to move to at this stage.

Any workplaces, colleges and schools taking part in Hats For Headway are being encouraged to run other fundraising events such as cake sales and fun sponsored events.

To coincide with Action For Brain Injury Week, Headway, has been holding a series of information events. 

They’ve also held a bake-off and chef hat design session for their users.

Jane said: “It has been a good week so far and we are really excited to see all the different hats on Friday.”

Since the Swindon branch of Headway formed, it has helped more than 250 people in the town who have experienced head injuries. 

To find out more and donate to the charity telephone 01793 617109 or visit the website