A DEDICATED paperboy is heartbroken by the thieves who stole his BMX bike.

Craig Smith, 13, used the Mafia BMX to deliver newspapers to residents in Cheney Manor Road, Moredon Road and Beech Avenue.

The bicycle was taken from the garden of his home, in Baydon Close, overnight on Saturday, just three months after the Nova Hreod Academy pupil bought it for himself.

It cost £140 and he saved £40 of his own money which he put towards the purchase.

“I’m really upset and absolutely gutted,” said Craig.

“I really enjoyed using it for my paper round.

“I earned the money towards buying it by doing the round and helping to paint fences.”

The teenager, who lives with his parents Teresa and Simon, sister Abbie, 12, and seven-year-old brother Blake, has been forced to use his sister’s bike to carry on doing his paper round.

He said: “I’m going round on my sister’s pink bike which really isn’t great.”

His mum has been taking him round in a car when she can.

“I think Craig was pretty shocked when he knew it was taken and he worked really hard to help towards the bike,” said Teresa, 32.

“He’s currently stuck using his sister’s bike which isn’t all that good.”

The incident has been reported to Wiltshire Police and Craig’s family have been running an appeal on Facebook in the hope that he can be reunited with the BMX.

It is quite distinctive with the bike being yellow and having blue wheel rims.

Teresa said: “The good thing is this isn’t the most common bike so hopefully we’ll track it down. Through the Facebook page we’ve been told of a few spottings of bikes, matching the description, in the town centre.

“Hopefully we can get it back. I’d ask for whoever has taken it to please just bring it back and leave it in our garden.

“If anyone knows where it is could they please come forward and cheer my son up.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, where information can be left anonymously.