Tributes paid to Charles Kennedy

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has died.  Mr Kennedy, who served as an MP for 32 years, lost his seat during last month’s General Election.

Nick Clegg paid tribute to his predecessor as Liberal Democrat leader. He said: "Charles's untimely death robs Britain of one of the most gifted politicians of his generation.”

Swindon Advertiser:

Charles Kennedy, pictured above with Jeanette Winterson, visited Swindon in February last year for a BBC Question Time filmed in New College.

He said: “I have been to Swindon a number of times over the years but it is the first time I’ve been back in a few years.

“I am very impressed with this facility at New College and I hope the production company have taken note, since it is the first time it has come to Swindon.

“The audience is half of what makes the programme and it was a brilliant, vibrant audience, so hopefully people will enjoy it.”

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Welsh to vote on car smoking ban

Swindon Advertiser: Man holding a cigarette while at the wheel of a car (smoking, ban) (10263392)

A vote on banning smoking in cars where children are present is to take place in the Welsh Assembly today.

If passed, the new law would come into effect in four months time and make it illegal for anyone to light up a cigarette in a vehicle carrying someone under the age 18.

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Cipriani arrested on suspicion of drink driving

Swindon Advertiser: Danny Cipriani

England rugby star Danny Cipriani has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving following an early morning car crash.

The Sale Sharks player, 27, was unhurt in a collision between his Mercedes and a Toyota in the Chelsea area of west London shortly after 5am yesterday.

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Big six urged to cut energy bills

Swindon Advertiser: Energy regulator Ofgem has stepped up its investigation into the big six energy suppliers

Energy firms are facing increased pressure from the Government to pass on a fall in wholesale costs to consumers by slashing household bills.

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And finally...

BGT dog double row

Swindon Advertiser: Britain's Got Talent 2015: Jules O'Dwyer shocked by 'dog double' row

It has been revealed that a stunt double dog was used in the winning Britain’s Got Talent performance.

Jules O'Dwyer and her pet Matisse won in Sunday’s final. The sketch saw a replacement dog called Chase walk across a tightrope as Matisse is scared of heights.

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