WANBOROUGH residents fear more flooding is on the horizon after Taylor Wimpey went back on promises to maintain flood defences in Springlines.

As part of the planning documentation for 12 new homes in Wanborough Gardens, off Stanley Close, in 2012 the house builder agreed to install brick check dams along a ditch in Springlines Meadow.

They confirmed at a meeting with the parish and borough councils in July this year they would continue to maintain the dams, which have yet to be installed, which otherwise would fill with leaves and force the water to take a different route.

But now the developers are withdrawing their promise, potentially leaving the parish council with an unaffordable yearly £2,500 bill, or homeowners with flooded gardens and garages.

Gary Sumner, chairman of Wanborough Parish Council, said: "Around two years ago the parish council supported Taylor Wimpey in getting planning permission for 12 houses just outside the village boundary, and the reason we supported it was because they were offering us some off-site flood mitigation work.

"Everything went well and the houses proved very popular, and are due to have their first occupants move in later this year.

"But we have reached an impasse with Taylor Wimpey.

"They were going to make sure they maintained the defences because the residents will be paying a service charge, but now they're saying they're not going to be paying to maintain them because it isn't part of their development site.

"If they aren't maintained the dams will fill up with leaves and other debris, meaning the water will be forced to run across the meadow and into the gardens and garages of the residents in Springlines.

"If the flood works aren't maintained this may cause a problem for the residents in the new homes too - this is a concern as they won't be aware of the problem as none have moved in yet.

"We're disillusioned to say the least because Taylor Wimpey are going back on their word."

Taylor Wimpey confirmed they would be installing the flood defences, but maintenance would ultimately pass on to the landowner.

A spokesman said: "“In accordance with the terms of planning consent for this site we are committed to completing new flood prevention measures for Wanborough.

“However, maintenance of the flood prevention measures will ultimately fall to the landowner, not to Taylor Wimpey.

“We are eager to work with the landowner and Wanborough Parish Council to complete these works as soon as possible for the benefit of the local community.”